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Knights of Kalimas

The empire of Kalimas is the most successful and longest lived in all Crayne’s extensive history. As a result many people from Kalimas have an air of arrogance and superiority about them. The same can be said about the Knights of Kalimas, an order of knights forged in the name of Gloriosis, god of leadership and peace, after Kalimas’ re-emergence after Recalibration. The Knights of Kalimas often refer to themselves as the “Voice of the Gods”.

Free Elves of Springlake

Refusing to stay underground after Recalibration many of the Deep Elves of the Vulcan Mountains decided to emerge and explore the new fertile world they ended up calling Springlake. Nowadays Springlake is home to both elves and humans. It is ruled mostly by local lords and by two main druidic orders; the human Druids of Fenris and the Elven Val-ath Eldrak. These rulers spend much of their time trying to reclaim and terraform a former part of Springlake now called the Land of the Dead; a terrifying landscape ruled by the impervious Furious Death Knight.

Mages of Illiba-Sina

Part of Kalimas’ great success can be owed to its undefeated capitol city Illiban-Sina. Known to most as the ‘City of Mages’, Illiban-Sina is believed to house the greatest collection of arcane knowledge in existence. Despite the fact Illiban-Sina remains the unofficial capitol city of Kalimas, the mages are often at odds with the rest of empire. Constant disagreements between mages, lords and the Knights of Kalimas often erupt into violent affairs that require careful diplomacy to diffuse.

Dwarves of Emerald Peaks

Inhabited by a proud race of dwarves the Emerald Peaks sits next to the beautiful Azure Peaks in a long mountain range located in western Springlake. Named after the ample supply of emeralds initially found there Emerald Peaks retained its name long after the supply of emeralds ran out. Nowadays the city of Emerald Peaks is derelict and abandoned having been destroyed by the Sunderspawns during the Tide of Dust, however, back in its heyday Emerald Peaks was one of the richest and longest standing cities in Crayne’s history not to mention, impenetrable.

Greenskins of Chak

A tropical place where war, death and famine are never far away, Chak is a dangerous place to live.  Tribes and villages are constantly vying each other for greater control over their small lands whilst rich land owners and slavers hold all the wealth. While Chak is a corrupt place full of superstition and racial bigots, it is also home to some of the most multi-cultural towns in existence.

Malrathian’s Chosen

After Recalibration not all Deep Elves wanted to leave the dark caves of the Vulcan Mountains. Many elves stayed behind in the sanctuary that they called home. One of these loyalists was an influential elf druid named Malrathian who decided to stay and rebuild the village of Mythanar after a demonic invasion. Malrathian was worshipped by his followers, with his work eventually culminating in the creation of a World Tree seed. Malrathiam gifted the seed to the Free Elves of Springlake as a sign of peace and prosperity. The tree was planted in northern Springlake where it was worshipped for centuries. Unfortunately the World Tree was corrupted by hate and filled with chaos by the Sunderspawns after the Tide of Dust. As a result the children of Malrathian suffered a similar fate and now struggle against their darker side.

Demons of the Rift

When the Tide of Dust hit, the cataclysmic event tore the surface of Crayne asunder leaving several large holes in the surface of the material place. The biggest of these 'sunders' is located in Springlake and is called The Rift. When The Rift was first created countless waves of Sunderspawns poured out of out it into Crayne terrorising the people of Springlake. After the Sunderspawn's suffered a great defeat in 160 AT, Arch demon Xurgoth, the Master of Portals, negotiated for the demons of Aukara to occupy The Rift in exchange for the demonic support against the chaos of the sunderspawns. The demons still occupy The Rift to this day.

Servants of the Baron

Even though Baron Sonra was defeated well over a millennia ago, echoes of this most powerful lich’s essence still terrorize Crayne to this day. For unknown graveyards throughout Crayne will spontaneously birth ‘life’ into the dead. The undead then roam around aimlessly and feast upon the living. Many necromancers worship the long dead king of the undead, calling themselves Servants of the Baron performing forgotten rituals to stir the dead from their slumber.

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