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The world of Crayne has always been a dangerous place full of monsters, armies and madmen. From Nortia Damius the Damned One and his legions of Demons to Baron Sonra and his scores of Undead it is difficult for anyone to survive without some strong help and a capable lord to guide them. To top this off there is always some natural or unnatural disaster like the Great Flood or The Tide of Dust waiting to surprise the unwary.

Among all this chaos is you, a local lord, who wishes nothing but to protect your people and prove that you worthy of your position. Or maybe you have more sinister motives and just wish for more power! Unfortunately there are other lords who also want greatness and you have to compete with them. How does a lord survive in a world where everything seems against them? How long will your people continue to respect you with all the constant conflict around them? How far are you willing to go to protect your people?

Crayne: Fractured Empire is an epic deck-building game with near limitless strategy and replayability. The goal of the game is to build the strongest army and defeat your opponents. It features same-time play, indirect combat and discount discount system.

Be an influential lord, recruit ruthless armies, and dominate your foes in a fair battle. The different factions each have different play styles so no two games are ever the same.

Crayne featured simultaneous play, adjusting cards the cards you play as more cards are revealed by your opponent.

There is a unique faction buying element, by adjusting your hand and controlling your discard pile, you can make strategic buying decisions.

Each faction has an individual favour and style of play, each card within the faction has the ability to combo with cards in its own and with cards in other factions. The cleave choices you make will define your deck, and help you reign.

With more than 3 players, you may only affect your neighbours, keeping play simple and fast without waiting countless minutes between turns. It also means you really need to only look next door to upgrade your strategy.

Play with a mix of sets of different factions each game. No two games will ever be the same.

The neighbour mechanic also eliminates bullying within games, you attack both your neighbours and cannot specifically target someone.

Player's influence totals adjust to the number of players, making each game last the perfect amount of time, and allow for the perfect challenge.

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